Tang Dynasty Show and Dumpling Banquet

Do you want to enjoy the splendid culture of the Tang Dynasty while tasting one of the most famous foods in your Xi'an tours? If you do, you should definitely get some idea about this special banquet - watch Tang Show and enjoy dumplings. It's a very popular night activity for visitors to Xi'an.

The entire meal is Tang Dynasty themed. The waitresses and hostesses wear Tang Dynasty styled clothing, and even the dishes and glassware are faithful reproductions of Tang Dynasty originals. Tang Dynasty music and dances are performed during dinner.

Tang Dynasty Show

The Tang Dynasty was China's most colorful and prosperous dynasty. It is famous for its art, poetry, clothing, and cuisine. Visitors to Xi'an will have a chance to step back in time and relive this fantastic era at the Tang Dynasty Show. It is a spectacle of color, culture, music, and dance. The spectacular music and beautiful costumes with long flowing sleeves perfectly match and complement each other. It is a show not to be missed.

Dumpling Banque - Jiaozi Banquet

Jiaozi are Chinese dumplings. They consist of various ingredients wrapped in a thin dough covering. Jiaozi can be found throughout China, but the ones in Xi'an are special. The Jiaozi served in a Jiaozi banquet are made of only the finest ingredients and come in an unbelievable variety. There are also several cooking styles for the Jiaozi, steamed, fried, and boiled. The appearance of Xi'an's Jiaozi set them apart from Jiaozi found in other parts of China.

The Jiaozi served in the Banquet are works of art. The Jiaozi in Xi'an's Jiaozi Banquets can look like butterflies, penguins, leaves, goldfish, ducks, golden ingots, flowers, clouds, and pearls. Many visitors find it hard to eat them until they try their first one. Once they find how amazing the Jiaozi are they have no problem eating the little works of art.

Basically, 32 different types of dumplings for each customer, but if one would like to taste more, there are also a lot of options, more than 120 types are waiting for diners.

Recommended Tang Dynasty Dancing Show & The Dumpling Dinner 
(Note: The dancing show and the dumplings dinner can be booked separately. And the time of the show is subject to change. Please confirm with your local guide.)

Option 1: The Shaanxi Opera House

Length: about 1 hour for the dumpling dinner and 70 minutes for the show
Time: usually starts at 18: 00
Subtitle: N/A
Address: No.165 North Wenyi Rd. Beilin District, Xi'an, China

Option 2: Grand New World Hotel
Length: about 1 hour for the dumpling dinner and 70 minutes for the show
Time:   usually starts at 18: 00
Subtitle: Chinese, English
Address: 172 Lian Hu Road, Xi'an, China

Option 3: Tang Dynasty Palace
Length: about 1 hour for the dumpling dinner and 70 minutes for the show
Time:  usually starts at 19:00
Subtitle: Chinese
Address: Tang Dynasty Palace, 75 Chang'an Road, Xi'an, China 

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