Xi'an Winter Weather - Travel Xi'an During December to February

Doing Xi'an tours during the wintertime is totally acceptable for most people and still can have lots of fun. Even though winter is always considered a bad time for traveling, there are many benefits as well: less crowded, lower cost, and special experiences.

Winter in Xi'an is not as cold as you thought since heaters can be found in most northern cities of China. If you come from Canada, North Europe, or cities in the northern part of America, the winter in Xi'an is actually relatively warm for you.

Xi'an Winter Sightseeing

It might be overwhelmingly cold to stay outdoors the majority of the time. However, since the main attractions in Xi'an are all INSIDE not OUTSIDE, wind chill is not a factor. The terra cotta soldiers are enclosed and the Shaanxi History Museum is heated, as well as many others. The pagodas, Drum and Bell Tower are still very attractive and lighted at night. You might have a great experience seeing the frozen lakes doing some skiing, taking a hot spring spa in Huaqingchi and enjoying the winter season with a lesser crowd.

Usually, the weather won't affect any tour attractions as almost all of the tourist places are still open as in other seasons. There will be less rainfall and some sunny days during the wintertime in Xi'an, so you might have a really nice trip. There will be fewer tourists in winter. Usually, if you travel in the wintertime, you can get big discounts.

What can you do during the wintertime in Xi'an?

1. Cycling along the City Wall

You can go up and walk along the top or hire bikes and ride around. Yes, it sounds a little bit crazy, but not crazy enough for outdoor activity fans. Besides, a nice exercise in the wintertime can bring you so much fun. It is cold only at the very beginning. After cycling on the City Wall for a while you will warm up and no need to worry about sweating.

2. Huaqing Hot Spring

What can be more comfortable than taking a hot spring on a cold winter day? If you travel to Xi'an during the wintertime, you will have a chance to enjoy the hot spring in Huaqingchi. Huaqing Hot Spring is one of the famous hot springs in China situated at the northern foot of Lishan Mountain. It is well known for its hot spring and scenic beauty. Emperor Xuanzong and his favorite lady, Yang Guifei once made it their winter home. Yang Guifei used to take her beauty bath in Huaqingchi.

3. Visiting Museums

Most museums in Xi'an are enclosed and heated, thus wintertime is also a very nice time for those who are keen on historic and cultural relics and want to know about Chinese history.

Huashan Mountain Tour

Normally, in chilly winter, it is not recommended to visit Huashan Mountain. It is said that the mountain may be closed to the public during some dangerous times. However, the snow scene in Huashan Mountain is fantastic from December to March. You will have a chance to enjoy a rare snow scene - a layer of crystal white snow covering the beautiful trees, rocks, and houses. The mountain turns into a graceful white charming picture. February is the most prosperous period of snow and the best season to enjoy the snowing mountain.

Mountain Travel Tips:

Transport: from Xi'an to Huashan area, about 2 hours by car.
Open Hours:
East Gate: from 9 am to 5 pm
West Gate: 24-hour.

Travel Tips for Xi'an Winter Tour

Please wear your warmest clothes, such as a down jacket, sweater, hat, scarf, and gloves. The warmer your clothes, the happier you will be. The air will be dry as well, so drink more water.

Better order your tour in advance, to get train tickets and flight tickets can be difficult during the Spring Festival.

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