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Planning a tour to Chengdu? Good idea! Chengdu is the place where giant panda lives and world's largest stone Buddha sits? Yeah…but it's also UNESCO's 2nd City of Gastronomy and where hotpot is meals every evening.

In recent years, Chengdu became one of the prosperous cities in Asia, but its citizen never throws out their signature laid-back attitude and entertainment spirit in bone. Spending hours and less than US$1 in tea house bragging with friends; socializing while playing Chengdu Mahjong or appealing the stomach in one of the cookshops in the street, all comprise a typical Sichuan-style life -so called the happiest lifestyle in China.

Cute, spicy, slow and happy, this is Chengdu, once you are here, just prepared to for surprise and have fun!


Chengdu is a major airport hub in Southwest China. Not only an important entry/exit city to Tibet, but also has direct flights to major tourist cities around the world like Kathmandu, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Soul, Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Phuket Island, Hanoi, Vancouver and Melbourne.

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Travel ideas about Chengdu

Best of Chengdu

Chengdu is always friendly to travelers’ schedules; even as a stopover city in your plan. Get close to giant panda in Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, and take a city tour to explore the local lifestyleand sample Sichuan food. Try to leave 2 nights/3 days for your Chengdu itinerary covering the best of Chengdu.

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Go further to Leshan Stone Buddha and Mt. Emei

For those want to learn more about Buddhism, the Leshan Stone Buddha within 3 hours ride is a good choice. A bit further is Mt. Emei, one of China's four sacred mountains which well worth a night in your schedule. Take a walk through its woodland and take a deep breath of the pure refreshing air, cool, pressure stay away!

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From Chengdu to Mysterious Tibet

For those heading for Tibet, Chengdu in the Midwest China will be the best transfer stop. 2 hr flight from Lhasa, the leisure atmosphere and fiery hotpot in Chengdu just offer a perfect warm-up for Tibet, a mysterious land so different from the rest of country, geographically and culturally.

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