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Guilin Tour Ideas

From short trips to in-depth tours, from family-friendly tours to outdoor adventures, Guilin offers a wealth of travel options. The city's fascinating limestone mountains, rivers, caves, parks, and scenic countryside offer so many ways to explore that you may need to decide what is it that you want your Guilin experience to be.

Generally, four days should be enough time for exploring city highlights, taking a boat trip down the Li River to Yangshuo, and visiting the Longji Rice Terraces. If you have more time, spend 1 or 2 days in Yangshuo, and even extend to Longsheng, Sanjiang County or Huangyao Ancient Town. For families travelling with kids, cycling in the countryside of Yangshuo and playing in the Seven Star Park would be lovely. Those who look for great outdoors will love to hike along the Li River.

Going through the tour ideas below will provide you with options for your visit and help you plan an ideal itinerary: