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Tang Dynasty Dinner Show

The Tang Dynasty Dinner Show, a performance of music and dance originated in Tang Dynasty more than one thousand-year ago. It is based on the poise of the dancers in the murals, the historical records and the folk legends of the Tang Dynasty. Recreated by the artists, this show re-mirrors the life of the royal court, the battle scenes, and the social convention more than one thousand years ago.

The performance includes ancient musical performances and dancing performances. They are classical, elegant, romantic, or magnificent. You may enjoy seeing the Chinese musical instruments that you have never heard of, you may enjoy experiencing the beauty of the ancient dance, and the Shaanxi Song & Dance Theatre is an ideal place. Enjoying a wonderful performance over enjoying your delicious dinner, it seems as if you have lived in the palace of the Tang Dynasty.


Shaanxi Opera

Shaanxi Opera (Chinqiang) is a very ancient and traditional opera in northwest China. It originated in the Chin Dynasty (221-206B.C.) and prevailed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The performance is often with instrumental accompaniment, such as erxian (a two-string fiddle), panhu (a type of fiddle), erhu, bamboo flute, sanxian(a three-string fiddle), sese (a type of 25-stringed horizontal harp), dulcimer, suona (Chinese clarinet), pipe, sousaphone, cymbal, gong, different drums, small cymbal, clapper…and some occidental musical instruments are also used in the band of the Shaanxi Opera. The arias of this opera sound vehement, resonant and exaggerated, of which very marked local color is full. Falsetto is not used in the performance. Compared to the Beijing Opera, the characters of Chin Opera are something different from those of Beijing Opera though it has the Lianpu (types of facial makeup in operas) as Beijing Opera. Distinctively, some of the Chin Operas have sideshows during the performance, for instance, the beard performance, flame-spitting, fire blow-out, trampling and jumping performance, chair rotating, spear performance, fire stick performance…anyone will be shocked to the marrow by these stunts if he or her go to see the opera.

A good place to see the Shaanxi Opera is the Chinqiang Great Theatre of Xi'an, which is on the Xiyi Road of Xincheng District of Xi'an, and near the Bell Tower.


Shadow Puppet Show

The shadow puppet show is a very interesting performance, which is used leather puppets and lamplight to perform behind a screen. The show is often accompanied by traditional musical instruments. Its music sounds very melodious, and its performance enjoys vivid, lovely, amusing, and fascinating. Usually, the show obtains materials from ancient history stories and folk legends. Maybe you don't understand the dialogs of the puppet show nevertheless you can enjoy it very well by the wonderful plot and the songful music. If you want to see the inconceivable puppet show, please go to the Gaojia Da Yuan (literally: the Gao Family's Big Yard). It is located in No.144, Huimin Street, Lianhu District of Xi'an, and not far from the Drum Tower. Take your camera, please! Don't miss the magical show, here you can take photos both in front of the screen and behind it. And you can see how the puppeteers do behind the screen. Forget not this!


The pub street-Defu Lane

Bright lights, pubs, cafes, charming young ladies…the old impassioned lane possesses great attractions. To seek love, to make new friends, to relax…People flood Defu Lane when nights fall.

The Defu Lane was built in the nineties of the twenty century, which is a pseudo-classic style lane. Because enshrines plenty of cultural deposits, this lane draws many pubs and cafes to settle down their location. The Chinese style, the American style, or whatever can be found here. the pubs: Old Henry, Defu Lou, Contact, Back Corner, Corsair, Old Gun, Philander, the Same Place, Times, Old Captain, Tangren, Blue Moon, Jusco, etc. the cafes: Blue Hill, Old Tree, and Zhenwei(True Flavor ) and so forth. What creative and imaginative names they are! Every night, the white-collar, officials, businessmen, students, foreigners, and workers gather here to enjoy classical music, pop music, rock music, and their beer and coffee.


Musical Fountain

It is a must-see on your Xi'an trip, not because it is free but the most spectacular musical fountain in the world. This fountain sprays at the North Square near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda  and boasts of being the biggest musical Fountain in Asia. It has eight spray cisterns each as big as a basketball court that can spray water to different music. Also, they can create a large folding waterscape and matrix fountains. Frequently, fire spewed out of the holes can be seen. Music, lights, water, and colors form a beautiful wonder. Low or high, wide or thin, straight or inclined, with the magnificent or gentle music now and then, the water columns change in different forms. They like flying sea-gulls, like lotus flowers, like clouds…so enchanting that you may moon over a moment when seeing the fantastic wonders. But don't forget to capture a wonderful picture here.

Additionally, in North Square, you can see the Big Wilde Goose Pagoda, see the Ten Thousand Buddha Tower in the color lights from a near distance, and view the sculpture complex. Please bear in mind that these are all free!


Water-screen Movies

Enjoy the biggest water-screen movies in the world and then stroll in the Lotus Palace will make your nightlife more colorful during your Xi'an trip. The Lotus Palace is an ideal place for cinemagoers, where the wondrous movies will gratify your sensory organ.


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