Upside Down Bowl Pork of Yangshuo Food

Kou Rou, originally a Hakka dish, has become popular all over southern China but the Guangxi version is different and special. "Kou Rou" means "upside down bowl pork" and, when it is served, that is what it looks like - an upside-down bowl. Slices of belly pork are briefly fried then placed alternately with slices of taro side by side in a bowl, and then steamed. As the meat cooks, its rich flavor soaks into the taro. To serve, the bowl is tipped out, upside down onto a plate and the meat and taro combination retains the shape of the bowl.

The "correct" way to eat it is to use your chopsticks to take a slice of meat and a slice of taro and then eat them together. It is a filling and delicious dish which can be served along with rice and other dishes at a family meal, but is also served in restaurants at every important festival or celebration, at wedding receptions and to welcome visitors that you haven't seen for a long time.


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