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Fishing villages in Yangshuo




Yucun, a pretty old fishing village is worth a visit. The villagers all have the same surname of Zhao. Yucun can only be reached by boat, where is a highlight of village tours around Yangshuo. Both Dr. Sun Yet-sun, the pioneer of China's democratic revolution, and former US President Clinton visited this Chinese tourism Mecca. They are really a great advertisement for Yucun.

yangshuo fishing village
yangshuo fishing village

Although no one knows exactly when Yuchun had been build, the village is at least 600 years old according to historical materials. Most of the courtyard buildings in the village were built during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties. Simple but elegant with flying eaves, carved beams and windows, these buildings are ancient architectural wonders.

yangshuo fishing village
yangshuo fishing village

Visitors are often surprised by the openness and generosity of the villagers, when they find themselves warmly greeted by farmers in any farmhouse they call at. It is also impressive that the village is highly energy self-sufficient and environmental friendly. Biogas and solar energy has completely replaced wood as the fuel for the entire 120 households in the village.

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