Recommended Chinese Restaurant in Yangshuo-Meiyou Cafe

When strolling on the West Street of Yangshuo, maybe you will be attracted by the signboard hanging in front of a restaurant. Under an interesting casper in the signboard of the restaurant, it says: Meiyou Warm Beer, Meiyou Lousy Food, Meiyou Rip-offs, Meiyou Pay FEC, Meiyou Bad Service, So meiyou reason to hesitate. You may want to know what does "mei you" mean. Soon you will get to know the answer from the sign: "mei you" in Chinese just means "don't have". Mei You café is one of the most famous restaurants in Yangshuo. 



- There are several very large pictures of Qing Emperors hanging on the wall. They give the hall a touch of style.

You also can see some archaize plaques and furniture carved patterns here. All of these will make you feel as if in a mansion of the nobility of ancient China.

Other than the food, it also provides accommodation at the upper level of the cafe and tour information for your trip planning.

You can learn Chinese Cooking from the chef here.



Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Anhui cuisine and so on. It also offers western delicacies.

Beer fish
- Stewed field snail
Stewed Chicken yam
- Stewed duck with Chinese chestnut
- Spaghetti
- Banana pie

Address: No.111 West street
Capacity: contains around 600 seats including 12 private rooms.
Business Hour: 7:00a.m-00:00p.m


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