Beijing Juyongguan Great Wall Tours

Juyong Pass is regarded as one of the three greatest passes of the Great Wall. The wall we can see today was built in the early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and has been restored. The valley where Juyong Pass lies is steep and precipitous, giving Juyong Pass the reputation of being the steepest and most dangerous pass of the Great Wall.

Juyong Pass and Badaling, not far away from each other, were vital gateways in the northwest region of Beijing. If you dread visiting the crowded Badaling Great Wall but are hesitant to tackle the difficult trek from Simatai to Jinshanling, the much less visited, then the easily accessible Juyongguan Great Wall might be a perfect choice. Visiting the Juyongguan Great Wall, you will take a short but vigorous walk that loops along the mountains on either side of the pass. One of the best times to visit the Great Wall is in winter. Juyongguan is a great place to visit the Great Wall in winter. It is safe, as the wall here has been reconstructed and is in good condition. This section of the Great Wall has been equipped with handrails to help people ascend and descend on the somewhat slippery and steep stone walkway. 

The Great Wall is a must-see site in Beijing for anyone who wants to visit China. Though it challenges visitors' physical condition, their understanding and appreciation of Chinese history and culture as well as their creative power, this hiking tour covers all the popular and wonderful sections of the Great Wall with scenery that could not be enjoyed by other tour routes. On this tour, visitors could go back to the city or camp overnight on the Great Wall.

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