Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Winner 2023
Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Winner 2023

Guilin Tours

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Guilin tours are more about the natural beauty and diverse ethnic customs experience different from the big cities. Picturesque Li River, karst wonder of Reed Flute Cave, idyllic Yangshuo, and magnificent Longji Rice Terrace can all be seen on a trip to Guilin. What's more, Guilin is blessed with a comfortable climate, abundant outdoor & interactive activities, making it an ideal vacation destination for all interests & ages. You may take a helicopter or hot air balloon to appreciate various-shaped limestone hills and peaks from high above, ride a sidecar or a bike to discover the countryside along the Yulong River, kayak on the Li River, or make a paper fan at Fuli Old Town. Just contact us to start planning your Guilin vacation. With our private and tailor-made service, it will be a hassle-free trip of a lifetime!

Classic Guilin Tours

For inspiration, check out our sample Guilin tour packages, and let us design a personal Guilin itinerary exclusively for you.

Guilin Theme Tours

We've selected some of the best Guilin theme tours to cater to your interests in photography, ethnic culture, adventure, or a relaxing vacation. And we can customize the itinerary as per your needs.

Guilin & Nearby

Here are suggested tour packages extending to some of the charming attractions around Guilin.

China Tours Including Guilin

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Why Private Tours

A hassle-free trip at your own pace for your own group
  • private guide & transfer
    Your Own Party, Guides & Transfer

    If you and your party purchase a "private" tour, you won't have to share the experience with anybody else. At every step, you'll have access to knowledgeable local guides who can fill in the blanks in your understanding. A private car will be used for every stage of the trip. Your trip, beginning with your arrival at the airport and ending when you have dropped off again, will be completely stress-free and enjoyable.

  • Hand-picked Hotels & Restaurants
    Hand-picked Hotels & Restaurants

    We're well aware of the need of maintaining a healthy diet and getting enough rest when traveling. In order to provide you with a wide range of options, we take the time to carefully assess each location and choose a wide range of high-quality hotels and restaurants every year. Our goal is straightforward: to provide you with the convenience and coziness of home while you are away from it.

  • Travel with Full of Flexibility
    Travel with Full of Flexibility

    When taking a private tour, you can expect individualized attention focused on your specific needs. You can travel with complete peace of mind and just have fun, as everything about your vacation is being handled. Simply tell your tour guide what you're most interested in seeing and what you'd rather skip entirely, and he or she will adjust the schedule accordingly.

Top Places to Visit in Guilin

Li River
The river is a world-famous scenic area boasting its stunning scenery of the turquoise peaks, crystal-clear water, pulchritudinous caves and grotesque rocks along. In fact, most of the classic Chinese landscapes that international travelers think of are actually the scenery of it. The greatest way to fully appreciate the river's beauty is to take a cruise, which typically lasts 4-5 hours. After a long journey, the best physical supplement is delicious food offered by clean water. The mandarin fishes, with their fatness, and the river prawns, with their tender texture, are abundant in the Li River and should not be missed.
  • Yulong River
    Yulong River
    The Yulong River, a tributary of the Li River, winds its way through the peaceful communities. Relaxing aboard a bamboo raft as it makes its way down the Yulong River is like getting a window into authentic rural China. Besides, the Yulong River is also a popular route for visitors to cycle and hike.
  • Longji Rice Terraces
    Longji Rice Terraces
    For hundreds of years, the diligent Zhuang, Yao, and Dong people have been farming the mountain slopes, and now the hillsides are covered with miles and miles of terraced rice fields. You can not only see the famous terraced rice fields but also learn about the many cultural practices of the local ethnic groups.
    The limestone cave, which boasts the Nature's Art Palace, is 500 meters long and 240 meters deep. There are numerous pulchritudinous rocks with a variety of shapes, including those that resemble pillars, flowers, bamboo shoots, breasts, etc.
    Founded in 265 AD, visitors may enjoy both the stunning nature and the rich atmosphere of history and culture. Relax, row a boat, take a stroll, chat with locals, or visit the orchard to taste fresh fruit. Xingping will undoubtedly win your heart.
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Interested in a tour of a single city in China? Here are some of China's most visited cities that just might strike your fancy. No matter if you want a basic overview of the city or a more in-depth look at it, our experts can make an itinerary that fits your needs.


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