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Hong Kong

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A Hong Kong tour can be an ideal start to your China trip, thanks to its convenient transportation network and its status as a symbol of modernization and cultural fusion. In Hong Kong, you'll find remnants of its colonial past alongside rich Chinese traditions, creating a unique blend of East and West. Enjoy stunning cityscapes and indulge in some of the world's most delicious cuisines.
China Odyssey Tours offers a range of Hong Kong tour packages, from classic city tours to popular China tours. All tours can be tailor-made to suit your interests, with private guides and 24/7 customer care support, ensuring you have a dream vacation in this vibrant city!

Classic Hong Kong Tour Packages

Explore our featured Hong Kong city tours, including exciting trips to Macau. Get inspired and contact us to customize your own itinerary. Experience the best of Hong Kong with our expert guides and personalized service.

China Tours from Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the perfect gateway to China, connected by over 80 international airlines. We craft personalized itineraries for travelers starting or ending their China tour in Hong Kong. Discover China's top destinations with private tours, personal guides, and drivers. Contact us to tailor a trip to China that fits your schedule and interests.

Hong Kong Island Hopping Tours

Experience a different side of Hong Kong with our offshore island tours. Whether you're looking for a day trip to the islands or adding a unique touch to your private Hong Kong tour, our travel experts will customize the itinerary to suit your preferences. 

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Hong Kong FAQs

Top Places to Visit in Hong Kong

Victoria Harbor was built by British colonists to commemorate Queen Victoria. It is one of the best ports in the world, thanks to its large expanses and deep water. Every day, when the brilliance of the sunrise and sunset shine on the ocean, the busy fishing vessels, cruise ships, and barges interweave a wonderful and prosperous scene. At night, a myriad of neon lights adds radiance to the sky, creating a magnificent night view of the "Pearl of the Orient". There are many ways to enjoy Victoria Harbor, among which the Star Ferry is the most popular. Traveling mainly between major tourist attractions, it's very convenient and pleasant.
    It is a place for sightseeing, entertainment, and shopping. Standing on the observation deck at an altitude of 428 meters allows you to see the entirety of Hong Kong Island. You can easily atop the peak by cable car.
    As one of the most famous temples in Hong Kong, it enshrines "Wong Tai Sin, who is appreciated for his outstanding medical skills. Every New Year, people are eager to offer incense here and make wishes. Reputedly, the believers will be granted whatever is requested.
    With gentle slope, white sands, warm water, calm waves, and fine restaurants, it’s a wonderful location for a romantic dinner with sunset. In fact, the bay’s name is said to be derived from a British Royal Warship that formally stationed here to guard against pirates.
    This market, which is well-liked by tourists, has a relaxed coastal atmosphere. You can find handicrafts, traditional wears, delectable food, and currency exchange stores here. Just exploring the market and engaging in some bargain is enough to let you realize its appeal.

Popular Cities in China

Interested in a tour of a single city in China? Here are some of China's most visited cities that just might strike your fancy. No matter if you want a basic overview of the city or a more in-depth look at it, our experts can make an itinerary that fits your needs.

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