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China Odyssey Tours is a travel agency based inside China reputed in organizing tailor-made private tours.

When you travel with us, you will get personalized services from a team of travel specialists. Just feel comfortable and secured as your personal travel consultant and a service team are continually checking details from the beginning of tour planning through to the end of your tour. You will enjoy the benefits of independent travel without worrying about the limitations of traveling alone and the trouble of planning.

"My Style" is just cool

Now you've decided to explore China, but how far can you go? If in a join-in group tour, you may have to visit somewhere you're not interested in but always contracted to go.

"My Style" is your private travel style. Travel with China Odyssey Tours, you decide where to go. Because your itinerary is designed by your travel consultant based on your own interests and needs. That’s especially convenient for people coming with children and elderly family. No more endless shopping and say goodbye to strange group members. May your China trip in "my style"? It is just cool.

Our Travel Specialists

One of our travel consultants will be working closely with you to formulate a customized tour plan according to your specifications, as well as providing professional suggestions based on your travel interests, time, and budget. So feel free to express your desires. After your tour plan has been finalized, all you need to do is to show up and enjoy the private tour exclusively arranged for you and your family, or friends.