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A customized tour plan makes your trip much more relaxing.

Every tour at China Odyssey Tours is designed specifically for you. This freedom means that you, not anyone else, decide what your tour will be. We keep you informed about what is available to you based on your interests and needs, and we use our expertise to put together your dream tour with little or no effort on your part. 

As a tour company based in China, we know the area well and can make a tour plan that fits your travel interests best. Our over 20 years of experience make sure that you get a highly personalized tour plan.

Learn more about how to plan your tour.


How do we customize a tour for customers living outside China?

Mostly via email, one of our travel consultants will work closely with you on your tour. One of the following situations or priorities has described your need and how we cater to it.

I have very limited knowledge about China to make an optimal decision about where and when to travel. 
Always feel free to ask if you are not certain. Tell us about your travel interests in general, and make good use of the advice from your travel consultant at China Odyssey Tours. Your travel consultant knows how to turn your ideas for a trip into a specific tour plan.

My time is limited, so I want to see as many highlights as possible in one tour. 
All you need to do is to let your travel consultant know that. He or she will select only the best-matched travel highlights according to your specific interests, and sensibly fit more sites into your tour plan based on your physical condition.

I have very specific travel interests that may be over-demanding compared to other people. 
China Odyssey Tours can make it real because our tours are totally personalized. If you can not find a sample tour matching your needs, just fill out a custom tour plan form. We will tailor a tour to your specific interests.

I have friends or relatives in China. Am I allowed to leave the tour mid-way to visit them for a couple of days and rejoin the tour later? 
Yes, your customized tour allows you that flexibility. What you need to do is to tell your travel consultant well in advance, before your tour plan is finalized. Then we will know where and when to pick you up to rejoin your tour.

None of the above situations describe my travel needs. 
You can still feel free to contact us for help. Our travel consultants are friendly, accommodating, and experienced in organizing tours for various needs.


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